At Divian, We Have an Immense Love for Ayurveda and Nature

Hence, we emphasize on ancient proven health benefits of Ayurvedic Copper and incorporating it for regular use in our lives. We have a diversified range of pure copper homewares and drinkwares.  Our Copper products are designed and handcrafted in the quality-controlled ambiance ensuring the maximum purity of Copper. Our packaging is also handcrafted and made eco-friendly, emphasizing on reducing the use of plastic to save the mother earth. 

Pure Copper - Authentic Products

We ensure that every range of products is made of high quality and pure Copper only. Our brand guarantees the authenticity and best health benefits due to the supreme copper purity of products.

Stylish and Contemporary Touch

Keeping the traditional and ayurvedic aspect of Copper homeware alive, our range of products also ensures a touch of style and modernity. Divian products' range will make a statement piece at your home that will keep your health good as well.

What does Ayurveda say about Copper?

Our body has tridoshas (Kapha, Vata, and Pitta) that if imbalanced may cause diseases and several health issues. Our ancient ayurvedic technique comes to the rescue where we need to keep toxins away from our bodies. If we consume copper vessel stored water on an empty stomach regularly it helps to balance all three doshas effectively. copper utensils manufacturers in moradabad

Our Fitness Regime for the World

Our high-quality products are available for wholesale distribution and supply in the domestic and international markets at the best rates. Please write to us at