Are You Terrified Of Copper Toxicity By Storing Water In Copper Utensils ?

The whole world has come to a unanimous agreement to adopting a healthy lifestyle after the Covid-19 pandemic. Our weak immune systems are making us easy culprits of microbes; those are getting stronger day by day as per human mistakes towards nature and lifestyle. 

Our ancestral ways of living, known for eating fresh-grown that too was cooked in copper, brass vessels are the best-kept secrets to their healthy life. Indians and most of the Eastern nations have been practicing storing drinking water in copper vessels for ages. 

Definitely, the world has acknowledged the importance of root values, yoga, and Ayurveda. And storage of drinking water in copper bottles and vessels is one of them.

Still, there are a lot of myths and confusions about using copper bottles and vessels for drinking water storage. A couple of fantasies that accompany “copper” is copper toxicity and its lethal effects.

Let’s get to some myth buster, and to start that we would go back to our ancestors saying in Sanskrit अति सर्वत्र वर्जयेत् (pronounced ati sarvatra vajrayet) that means anything in access is harmful to us

In the same context, studies have shown there is no need to use copper ionized water all times of day, though it’s not going to create any harmful toxins, still to the different immune systems of the human race, we can keep it to the best consumption idea on an empty stomach in the morning. 

Regular practice of drinking copper water on an empty stomach has numerous benefits, It not only detoxifies our body but also helps to balance all three doshas of the body, Kapha, Pitta, and Vatta. You can read more in our write-up here….

Science Behind Copper- Exposing the Myths 

 Copper occurs naturally in the earth’s layer and water bodies, it’s a fundamental element that is vital for the human body’s various functions. Copper is a necessary component that is fundamental for our catalyst frameworks. It regulates metabolic activities and cycles in relationship with amino acids and nutrients. Our body needs Copper from external sources as it’s not built inside by cellular activities.

There are many nations that use Copper as a natural water purifier, as of now, we all know the oligodynamic properties of this metal that impacts purified water as well as ionized it with supplements. Storing water in copper vessels is the best natural alternative to reverse osmosis technology-based water purifiers.

There have been a lot of scientific trials as did by (NCBI), on the antimicrobial properties of copper stored water. It was proven that many microbes and harmful viruses are killed during the process and water becomes naturally purified. 

Still, there have been some instances where people reported copper toxicity, where it was still not verified that the reasons are due to storing water in copper vessels. Studies have shown that people who reported toxicity have consumed water from eroded copper water pipes. Also, it’s not advisable to cook citrus or acidic food in copper vessels. Doing so may have caused issues. 

Since we have exposed a lot of overhyped myths, we should check out a portion of the medical advantages that accompany drinking water from copper vessels. Health Issues due to unhealthy living have expanded throughout the long term and are influencing the actual wellbeing of millions all throughout the planet. Copper is definitely the easiest cure and should be adopted in modern living.

At Divian Copper, we understand the responsibility, hence we use pure raw copper to make our Copper Bottles and utensils. We believe to take small steps towards a healthier planet by making the best quality Copper products.


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