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Copper Can Save the World from Microbes

Copper Can Save the World from Microbes

Pure Copper:- From ancient times, it said that copper (Copper Utensils, Copper Bottles) kills viruses. Yes, it is that effective and holds a significant value in today’s market. Now people look the pure copper bottles so that they are not exposed to microbes. So, copper is surely acting more like a superhero when there are […]

Does Copper Kills the Corona Virus too?

Copper Kills the Corona Virus As we all are very well aware that Copper metal has anti-microbial properties, so the latest question is- Does this metal kills Corona Virus as well? Copper and its health benefits are not new now, this metal is being used worldwide, whereas India is the largest producer of handmade copper […]

Are Copper Bottles Safe For Regular Water Drinking Consumption?  

Copper bottles Copper is known as man’s oldest metal. The usage of Copper dates back to the Egyptian civilization and was the most popular metal used to craft vessels and drinking from copper utensils and Bottles are not new, it has been an Indian Tradition for a long time we remember. Drinking water from Copper […]