Are Copper Bottles Safe For Regular Water Drinking Consumption?  

Copper bottles

Copper is known as man’s oldest metal. The usage of Copper dates back to the Egyptian civilization and was the most popular metal used to craft vessels and drinking from copper utensils and Bottles are not new, it has been an Indian Tradition for a long time we remember. Drinking water from Copper bottles is considered to be safe.

Our ancestors used to adopt this practice as well. Thus, it is practical for us to find out why they considered copper utensils to be beneficial to drink water from. Our ancestors had great wisdom in this regard and their healthy lifestyle serves as an example for us to learn.

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Also, the increase in public awareness about the harmful effects of plastic bottles for both the environment and for our health has raised concerns over its usage. Thus, professional manufacturers who have thoroughly researched the health benefits and right ways to consume water from copper bottles, provide us with clear perspectives regarding its usage, evidence to support this practice, and historical origin.

The Benefits of Drinking Water from Copper Bottles

Due to its anti-bacterial properties, water-borne diseases can be prevented to a great extent by storing water in a copper bottle. These anti-bacterial properties do not take effect immediately and the water needs to be stored for at least eight hours before consumption.

This is the result of the ‘Oligodynamic effect’, which essentially helps kill germs and bacteria. A small amount of copper ions is released into water stored in copper vessels when left for a certain amount of time. These ions aid in the killing or removal of certain bacteria.

These effects have been observed in laboratories. Drinking water regularly from Copper bottles improves our immunity and digestive health as well. It is also extremely beneficial for pregnant women to duly adopt this routine since the right usage helps prevent copper deficiency in them and fights general fatigue.


“If certain bacteria, fungi, or algae inch across something made of copper, they absorb copper atoms, which disrupt their metabolism (human cells are unaffected). The microbes choke and die after a few hours.”
― Sam Kean


Worldwide Delivery from Professional Manufacturers

In addition to all the above-mentioned points, it is important to keep in mind the right ways to utilize a copper bottle to obtain maximum benefit. Drinking from copper bottles is an ayurvedic practice and there are tips to be followed, keeping in mind the science behind this routine.

First and foremost, the quality of copper must be good. Trusted manufacturers such as Divian Decor manufactures high-quality copper bottles in different designs to suit this requirement, making it the ideal choice to buy. They are quality tested for international standards, enabling people from all over the globe to reap the benefits of their purchase.

The next point to keep in mind is that over-consumption must be avoided. Experts suggest drinking water fresh from a copper vessel in the morning, after leaving it overnight for about 6-8 hours is enough. Drinking the water that has been stored for 6-8 hours once or twice a day can provide numerous health perks and helps prevent water-borne diseases. A copper bottle can also be carried around for regular use and re-filled as per requirements.


So, what are you waiting for? Grab your uniquely designed copper bottle today! Embark on a new lifestyle choice and switch to copper bottles.

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