Does Copper Kills the Corona Virus too?

Copper Kills the Corona Virus

As we all are very well aware that Copper metal has anti-microbial properties, so the latest question is- Does this metal kills Corona Virus as well? Copper and its health benefits are not new now, this metal is being used worldwide, whereas India is the largest producer of handmade copper utensils, also this metal has found use in Ayurveda.

 Several scientific studies prove that bacteria/viruses get killed within 4 hours, of coming to contact with a copper surface.

In, today’s scenario where any antiseptic or antimicrobial formation has found a large use in every person’s life, this property of Copper has made it a boon to easily find a space in every person’s life in the form of utensils, tools or even furniture.

Scientific Theory to Support the fact

For the brainstormers like me, it’s necessary to divulge the fact through scientific theory how copper kills not just any viruses and bacteria but the latest menace to mankind, the Covid-19

Well in simple words, copper is a highly reactive and dissolvable metal, it’s ions are good enough to damage a bacterial or virus-cell membrane by destroying the DNA or RNA structure of the microbe by generating H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide).

Whereas the other metals like steel or widely use plastic have become the happy breeding grounds for several microbes.

Copper Actually Kills Microbes

It has been well researched by several scientists & is an Ayurveda fact that food or water stored in a Copper Vessel. It is highly beneficial for health. due to the mixing of Copper Ions into it and also storing for 4 hours or so, Copper may kill lethal microbes.

Wash Veggies with Copper Bottled Water

We bring vegetables from the market and they are the carriers of several germs and even Corona Virus nowadays. Hence, it’s a challenge to properly clean them before storing them.

This task may be easier and a lot safer now, we can simply wash the vegetables with warm water than being immersed in a copper vessel filled with the stored water in it for a few hours.

The Copper ions in the water and vessel would start killing the bacterial cells and viruses over a few hours. Then we can simply dry the veggies on a towel to store or use them safely. Divian Decor

We can incorporate this magical and most healthy metal in our lives to not only keep our food safe but also to get several health benefits out of it.

We must reduce the use of plastic in our daily lives and use Copper vessels, bottles, and storage containers largely and also make alloy free Copper vessels and supply them to your country in any part of the globe with your branding.

Nature has given us the bounty of blessings in the form of all-natural metals and things. 

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