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Antique Black Hammered Copper Bottle


Use a pure copper water bottle and discover the benefits you have been missing out on.


MOQ- 1

Capacity- 950 ml


  • This Antique Black Copper Bottle is handcrafted from pure copper. Copper bottles are very long-lasting and sturdy. Apart from this drinking copper-infused water has lots of health benefits.
  • The ideal capacity of this bottle is 950 ml
  • It sports a sleek and simple look


Caring and Cleaning Instructions:

  • Pure Copper bottles are polished and lacquered (optional) on the exterior only to make them look beautiful.
  • Pure Copper reacts with air and has a tendency to get oxidized that does not change the internal properties of the metal.
  • Simply clean with lemon and salt mixture or White Vinegar salt to get a shiny copper metal again.

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