Designer Copper Bracelet -1


A gorgeous bracelet in the natural copper color and handcrafted using copper, which is believed to prevent rheumatism when worn around the wrist.

Size – 6.5 inches


Weight – 40-45 gms

Please email us for custom sizes and bulk orders to



  • Premium quality copper is used in the manufacturing of bracelets to provide numerous health benefits.
  • Using Copper Bracelet on a regular basis provides us healthy immune system; also increases cardiovascular health
  • Our copper magnetic bracelets are encapsulated for extra protection. 100% pure copper bracelet


  • Improves joint stiffness and joint pain
  • Anti-aging
  • Increases cardiovascular health
  • Mineral Absorption

Caring and Cleaning Instructions-

Pure Copper Bracelets do not require much maintenance, only washing with water is sufficient on a regular basis

Pure Copper reacts with air and has a tendency to get oxidized that does not change the internal properties of the metal.  In case you don’t like the tarnished look of the metal, simply clean with lemon and salt mixture or White Vinegar salt, periodically to get a shiny copper metal again. 100% pure copper bracelet

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