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Divian Mandala White Printed Range, Copper Water Bottle, Copper Bed side Bottle, Copper Lassi Glass Combo.


  • Divian Mandal Pure Copper Bottle, 950 ml, Weight approximate 300 gm, set of 1.
  • Copper products have been used by our ancestors for their health benefits, let’s keep the traditions alive.
  • Pure Copper Utensils make a wise healthy investment as it has a great resale value.
  • Our products are purely handmade and have a little rustic appearance.
  • Steel or plastic finish may not be achieved in Pure Copper products as the metal is highly ductile.

Divian Plain Pure Copper Bottle has been precisely handcrafted for the purpose of storing water. Ideal gift for various occasions and made with 99.09 percent of purest Copper. Apt Corporate Gifting Option and can be utilized on a daily basis. Leakproof and easy to clean design suitable for storage and handy to carry. Please do not copy or use our images, we have digital tracking and can track you for infringement, if you need our products, please contact us.

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