Divian Bone Inlay Moroccan Desk in Black Colour


Coarsegold is a fusion of ethnic ideas wrapped around la mode designs. You can say Coarsegold as the brainchild of skilled Indian artisans and creative designers who work relentlessly to make your abode a true sensation.

Just three and a half feet wide, our new Optical Inlay Desk, featuring bone inlay Moroccan pattern in beautiful Black & White color is the new work buddy you need. Each piece has been handcrafted in a process that can take weeks using honorably sourced Bone / Mother of Pearl. Delicately carved pieces of bone / Mop have been individually inlaid onto a wooden frame in an elaborate pattern. Layers of coloured resin are then used to fill around the bone/mop. Finally, the backside and inside areas are painted with the matching color’s.

Writing Tables are a piece of furniture with a surface for writing on, with drawers and compartments for storing writing material. Writing Tables take up less space than computer desks. If you are looking for just a single table, writing desks are good to go. They are also advisable if you only use your laptop to check your social media every once in a while. Computer desks are usually bulkier.


  • Try and use a tablecloth or any thick quality cloth on your dining table or any other table which is subject to daily and heavy use.
  • Do not keep warm or cold items directly on a furniture surface; instead use a hot pad or coasters; please do not keep hot items like a tawa or baking dish even on a hot pad.

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