Divian Presents Bedroom Meenakari Mandal Printed Carafe | Bedside Carafe | Bedroom jar with inbuilt Copper Glass/Vessel 1 Liter and Bedroom Bottle.


Bedside bottle it will not screw tight it is bedside bottle. Easy to handle screw caps. Leakproof and Sturdy. Purely Handcrafted.

Description- This Copper Carafe has been carefully handcrafted with 99.09 percent purity. Drinking the water stored in Pure Copper carafe for a minimum of 8 hours has numerous health benefits. We ensure you get the best quality and finest of craftsmanship. For the best results, store the water overnight or at least 6 hours in a Copper vessel and have a glass on an empty stomach in the morning. pure copper carafe Please do not copy or use our images, we have digital tracking and can track you for infringement, if you need our products, please contact us.

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