Divian Plain Pure Copper Bottle | Water Bottle | Pack of 1



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Divian Plain Pure Copper Bottle | Water Bottle | Pack of 1

An easy to clean and beautiful bottle to give you much needed healthy hydration.

Product Description:

• This Copper Bottle has been precisely handcrafted for the purpose of storing water.
• Ideal gift for various occasions and made with 99.09 percent of purest Copper.
• Apt Corporate Gifting Option and can be utilized on a daily basis.
• Leakproof and easy to clean design suitable for storage and handy to carry.

Usage: –

• Fill with warm water for about 8 hours and wash thoroughly before using.
• Store water overnight or a minimum of 6 hours before daily consumption.
• Consuming Copper Bottled water on an empty stomach is the most beneficial.

Caring and Cleaning Instructions:

Pure Copper bottles/utensils are polished and lacquered (optional) on the exterior only to make them look beautiful.
Pure Copper reacts with air and has a tendency to get oxidized that does not change the internal properties of the metal.
Simply clean with lemon and salt mixture or White Vinegar salt to get a shiny copper metal again.

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