How to Identity the Pure Copper Utensils/Bottles

Are you looking to purchase any kind of copper Bottles /Utensils? 

Are you worried about it being pure or not? Bravo! You have landed yourself on the right page! There will surely be a lot of questions coming to your mind when you will be purchasing copper bottles. Obviously, the seller will claim it to be Pure Copper Bottles but, we can’t trust them blindly! So, we need to check with different angles before making any kind of decision. And this is why this write-up can prove to be worth time for you!


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Below mentioned are some of the major points that will help you in understanding the purity of the copper bottle and you will be able to get all pure copper benefits as well! Take a look at these major points and remember to imply them whenever you are out shopping and looking for a pure copper bottle for yourself.


You can always consider going for color identification as it is considered to be one of the most effective ways to understand whether the product you are buying is pure or not. All you need to do is to get your copper utensil cleaned with a combination of vinegar and table salt. The change in color will help you understand whether the respective object is pure or not. After the cleaning is done, if the product is reddish-brown in color, then it is surely copper and you have certainly made the right decision.


Another way that can help you find whether the respective copper product is pure or not is by checking the density of it. Yes, it is not a rocket science test, all it needs is a weighing machine with a scale that will give you complete clarity on the purity of your copper objective, Divian Decore.

You just need to check whether the density of the copper item is completely matching with that of pure copper. As when it comes to copper density, it has a fixed number in the form of 8.96 grams per cubic meter so, you will surely get clarity whether the product is pure or not! All you need to do is to divide the weight from the volume of the product and match the value given above!

Magnetic Test

When it comes to copper, it is not that magnetic. So, if you place the magnet near the copper and there is no effect on it, then you can be assured that it is pure and perfect for you to consider.  But, if you place a powerful magnet, you might see some sort of effect as well. But, it completely depends on the magnetic power.

Hopefully, you are clear with the steps to identify the pure copper utensils. With Divian Decor, you will always be benefited from pure copper products and that too at a very nominal range. Register now!

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