Worried about Low Immunity? Go for ayurveda with The Divian Copper Wellness Box.

Nowadays, being healthy is a state of necessity to feel happy and live life well.

The best way to start our health and wellness routine is in the early hours of the day, soon after we wake up, and cleaning our mouth and guts in an ayurvedic way is the key, our wellness box will help you to maintain the routine and helps in much-needed hydration.

Start your day in Divian’s wellness way.

Drink Copper ionized water on an empty stomach for cleansing and hydration. Store water overnight in Divian’s pure copper bedside bottle with an inbuilt glass. A minimum of 500 ml water consumption is recommended. 

Jal Neti

To do Jal Neti

The neti pot may first strike you as an unusual method, but it is very simple to use. Fill the pot with water and store it overnight. When the water is placed in a copper vessel, the copper leaches softly into the water, giving it all its favorable properties. And this water doesn’t get stale and can be stored for longer periods. Then the process is tilting your head sideways over the sink and places the spout of the netipot in the upper nostril. While pouring the water, tilt your head slightly away from the pot and breathe through your mouth water should run through the opposite nostril within a few seconds, depending on how clogged the nasal passages are. Then Repeat on the other side nostril.

Jihwa Prakshalana

Our mouth is the home to odor-causing bacteria and failing to follow a proper oral care routine we may fall prey to several diseases. Microbes exist in all possible forms in our mouths due to remaining food particles.

This not only causes bad breath but also affects our gums and teeth health. In short, proper oral hygiene and cleaning of our mouths is a mandatory act that we should learn from a very tender age. There is not much effort required when Ayurveda comes to the rescue. 

Ayurvedic benefits of activities like Jihwa Prakshalana & oil pulling are well known to everyone these are the actual ancient routines followed by Indians for hundreds of years now. Scientific studies now; have proved that these activities are good enough to keep us healthy in several ways.

Jihwa Prakshalana is a tongue cleaning technique where the tongue is scraped to get ripped off the odor-causing accumulates and bacterial growth caused overnight. Ayurveda suggests that tongue cleaning should be the first activity to be done on an empty stomach once in the morning.

Now not to emphasize much as the world is already very aware of self-hygiene and state of well-being. Ayurvedic practices are easy to follow and hardly have any side effects.

People who have regularly practiced tongue scraping have claimed to possess better health and cure for several oral ailments.

Wear Copper Accessories

Copper Bracelet Works on Most Prominent Areas i.e., Joints. There Are Almost 1000’s Of People Who Have Experienced Relief from Joint Pain after Wearing a Copper Bracelet. According to Ayurvedic Mythology, It Is to Believe That Copper Bracelet Has a Great Potential to Emanate Healing Power Due to Which People Also Get a Relief from Chronic Pain as Well.

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